Energy LeadershipTM 

The Energy Leadership Development System is firmly rooted in 7 levels of awareness, which will catapult your energy and performance to a level that is perceived by all those around you as the "ideal" for you.  

The Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I.) is a one -of-a-kind assessment that enables you to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and overall leadership capabilities.  It is the only assessment of its kind and one that has a complete, clear, customized coaching program associated with it. The coaching program is the Energy Leadership Development System. This system is made of an introduction and twelve developmental segments. The program is completely customized to each leader/client, and offers a baseline for current level of awareness, performance, and effectiveness. Leaders create their personalized developmental road map and quickly progress toward becoming an Ideal Leader.

Your Development Program: Building Your Foundation

The first part of the Energy Leadership™ Development System consists of the foundation segments that help you know where you are, realize where you want to be, and recognize and break through any of the blocks that are in the way of your success.

  •    Assess yourself with the Energy Leadership Index
  •    Undertake a program orientation and plan your road map
  •    Learn the 7 levels of leadership
  •    Identify strengths and gaps to achieve your ideal image 

The 8 Building Blocks of the Energetic Leader

The next 8 segments in your program provide the accelerated training needed to master the areas necessary to become an ideal leader.

  •    Emotional Intelligence
  •    Dynamic Communication
  •    Influencing and Engaging Others
  •    Problem Solving
  •    Productivity and Decision Making
  •    High Energy Relationships
  •    Health and Wellness
  •    Time Management and Balance

The most successful leaders in the world truly enjoy what they do. In fact, when asked, they consistently say that they feel they rarely ever "work."

1:1 Coaching

The International Coach Federation (ICF) Defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment”. This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

Core Energy Coaching™ process.  

As a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching,  (iPEC) I use a technique called Core Energy Coaching™. This unique process goes beyond traditional coaching to tackle the root cause of your challenges: your underlying thoughts and emotions. As a result, you can better connect your inner purpose and passion to your goals and strategies-zeroing in on what you really want and breaking through what's holding you back. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, consulting, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and theories of conscious evolution.

Research has proven that this process is so effective because it allows clients to:

  • Identify desired goals, and work with them to break through any blocks to achieving those goals.
  • Identify how their past experiences have formed beliefs that are holding them back, and work with them to re-engineer those beliefs so they can achieve greatness.
  • Create success, however they measure it, in a very short period of time.
  • Recognize that the challenges they face are often symptoms of another underlying cause. The Core Energy Coaching™ process addresses the root cause(s) instead of just putting a band-aid on the symptoms to make them tolerable.


Our appointments will be held over the phone or web based.  The Core Energy Coaching™  package is offered as a three month commitment which can incorporate the full Energy LeadershipTM program or you can purchase the standard 1:1 Coaching that includes nine- 60 minute coaching sessions and one 90 minute E.L.I. assessment and debrief.   These sessions can be renewed at the price of the original package.   




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